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US-3384838-A: Phase reversible switching power amplifier patent, US-3396173-A: Synthesis of episulfides patent, US-3406478-A: Fishing lure patent, US-3412772-A: Prevailing torque lock nut patent, US-3412885-A: Vehicle loader linkage patent, US-3422549-A: Spelling and reading aid game patent, US-3424172-A: Cigarette filters patent, US-3429542-A: Quick release container holder patent, US-3437318-A: Dual-mount furnace humidifier patent, US-3441917-A: Drive arrangement for memory device patent, US-3453946-A: Exhaust cap apparatus patent, US-3465976-A: Vibrating jaw crushers patent, US-3466075-A: Catch assembly for doors and the like patent, US-3482778-A: Heating plant patent, US-3484845-A: Cable control mechanism for controlling the flight of model airplanes patent, US-3485292-A: Universal dummy bar for continuous castings patent, US-3500801-A: Actuator circuit for electronic precision fuel metering systems patent, US-3511180-A: Devices for distributing ink to printing machines patent, US-3514611-A: Electrically actuated security system patent, US-3531341-A: Electric cables patent, US-3532443-A: Engine lubrication patent, US-3537945-A: Nonwovens from bulk-yarn warps patent, US-3552405-A: Apparatus for cleaning or treating articles patent, US-3570488-A: Automatic apparatus for urinary bladder irrigation patent, US-3582669-A: Circuit arrangement for automatically correctly connecting two two-wire lines respectively connected to a source of power, in parallel patent, US-3583700-A: Conveyance of electrically charged sheets patent, US-3590367-A: Portable magnetic test apparatus for converting alternating current to direct current with means to cool the components patent, US-3590521-A: Side-to-side rolling doll eye patent, US-3612531-A: Gravity projected ball game including dislodging member patent, US-3622791-A: Microphone circuit for direct conversion of sound signals into pulse modulated electric signals patent, US-3639985-A: Dental instrument patent, US-3640068-A: Arbor press power source patent, US-3648325-A: Double wheeled caster patent, US-2431995-A: Pump control system patent, US-2449668-A: Method of and apparatus for making brushes patent, US-2453976-A: Ball gate and elevating mechanism patent, US-2459733-A: Combination lip rouge applicator and mirror patent, US-2464540-A: Method and apparatus for producing laminated safety glass patent, US-2467243-A: Hermetically sealed rotary circuit controller patent, US-2467300-A: Weighing apparatus patent, US-2468457-A: Water-insoluble azo dyestuffs patent, US-2476641-A: Terminal plate assembly fixture patent, US-2478664-A: Sandal patent, US-2485758-A: Sash construction patent, US-2501598-A: Magnetic method of pipe-line inspection patent, US-2503751-A: Photographic objective of the cooke triplet type patent, US-2510836-A: Vibration dampener for laundry machines patent, US-2514970-A: Chuck for winding apparatus patent, US-2515751-A: Spin curler patent, US-2519168-A: Screen and screen mounting patent, US-2522319-A: Gripping device for sheet metal stretching machines patent, US-2540255-A: Fruit clipper patent, US-2540338-A: Fishing reel patent, US-2546318-A: Conveyer for handling tacky material patent, US-2547245-A: Developing rack patent, US-2552115-A: Aircraft alighting gear patent, US-2562910-A: Photometric apparatus patent, US-2567344-A: Fire extinguisher and perforating device patent, US-2569113-A: Automatic ice cube producing and storing apparatus patent, US-2582914-A: Vehicle ventilating device patent, US-2586799-A: Drift controlled fluxmeter patent, US-2594131-A: Creased sheet metal panel and the method of forming and applying such panels to frame structures patent, US-2598583-A: Liquid measuring and dispensing valve patent, US-2600285-A: Head spacing mechanism patent, US-2602651-A: Packing material patent, US-2612129-A: Device for varying curvature of boat keels patent, US-2635412-A: Side-delivery rake patent, US-2638363-A: Snap-on dustguard patent, US-2638919-A: Apparatus for controlling a process patent, US-2651288-A: Liquid applying device for cables, wires, and the like patent, US-2654280-A: Clamp attachment for pliers patent, US-2667002-A: Display device for vehicle tops patent, US-2683562-A: Centrifugal separator patent, US-2690870-A: Disposal device patent, US-2691274-A: Air conditioning system for aircraft cabins patent, US-2692594-A: Surgical splint patent, US-2692638-A: Portable armrest for motor vehicles patent, US-2703361-A: Printing telegraph system patent, US-2703644-A: Parallel wire belting patent, US-2706321-A: Pipe joint runner patent, US-2710488-A: Toy building construction set patent, US-2716585-A: Over-dyeing stockings to produce two-color and ombre effects patent, US-2718786-A: Gaseous thermocouple temperature measuring means patent, US-2722326-A: Boat carrier attachment for automobiles patent, US-2722703-A: Protective guard for toothbrush patent, US-2724223-A: Screw thread grinding attachment patent, US-2727059-A: High molecular weight adducts patent, US-2731871-A: Loughrie patent, US-2737321-A: Shirt cardboard patent, US-2757917-A: Mining machine with adjustable boring head having thrust transmitting means patent, US-2757979-A: Wheel cover patent, US-2780750-A: Heat control for frequency converter control patent, US-2784122-A: Process of retarding corrosion of coated metal articles and coated metal article patent, US-2785597-A: Extreme close-up focussing mechanism patent, US-2792249-A: Magnetic catch assembly patent, US-2793729-A: One-way clutch patent, US-2799898-A: Extraction of fibres from textile plants patent, US-2802753-A: Tri-color kinescope screen patent, US-2822188-A: Safety jackknife apparatus patent, US-2849160-A: Pump type oiler patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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