Manual transmission oil composition



The invention relates to a manual transmission oil composition which comprises the following components in parts by weight: 100 parts of manual transmission lubricating oil, 0.01-10 parts of polyolefin anhydride and 0.5-10 parts of base oil. The manual transmission oil composition provided by the invention is compounded of polyolefin anhydride and base oil, and after the polyolefin anhydride and the base oil are added into the manual transmission lubricating oil, the manual transmission oil can simultaneously meet the requirements for low temperature property and mixing-dissolution property. In addition, polyolefin anhydride and base oil are good in dissolution property and can be directly blended with conventional lubricating oil; therefore, the operability is high, addition amount is relatively small, and the overall cost of a manual transmission oil product is hardly influenced. The application experiment shows that the manual transmission oil provided by the invention is excellent in property and wide in application range and has a large-scale application prospect.




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