Transparent push-pull type shoe box


  • Inventors: LUO YING
  • Assignees: 罗颖
  • Publication Date: May 06, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-104590656-A


The invention relates to a transparent push-pull type shoe box. An existing shoe box is a paper box, and after commodities are stacked, a salesperson cannot visually and clearly check the style and need to rummage the style in a cargo pile, precious time of a customer and a merchant is delayed, and the efficiency is low. Along with improvement of the life level, shoes of family members are stacked higher and higher, and after the shoes are stored, shoe seeking is a troublesome thing. Most packaging paper boxes are abandoned by the family members. The transparent push-pull type shoe box is a U-shaped rectangular shoe box, and a corresponding L-shaped drawer type shoe support is arranged at the position of an opening of the shoe box. According to the transparent push-pull type shoe box, a user can visually, clearly and easily find the shoes, the shoe box can be repeatedly used, and the shoe box is attractive, elegant, economical and practical and improves the grade of the shoes.




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