Cutter for machining spiral arc face enveloping worm


  • Inventors: CHEN ANMU
  • Assignees: 陈安模
  • Publication Date: May 20, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-104625244-A


The invention discloses a cutter for machining a spiral arc face enveloping worm. The modern computer technology is applied, and the technical requirements of gear design software and worm-gear pair design software are combined, tooth form track graph programs with various specification, module and spiral angle requirements and with worm gear tooth form track graphs and transformed and form-trimmed arc face tooth forms conforming to design requirements are programmed through a two-dimensional plane, and a numerical control device is used for machining a tooth form combined type cutter similar to a gear broaching spiral arc face worm gear tooth shape. Due to machining of a tooth manufacturing device, radial one-by-one feeding, meshing and guiding of multiple teeth and removing of a transmission chain and axial gaps of the tooth manufacturing device, guiding, indexing and lead angle zero meshing are achieved efficiently, spiral arc face enveloping worm (3-6) teeth are machined and are meshed in an enveloping mode, and the cutter can be widely applied to a common device for machining single-head or multi-head spiral arc face enveloping worms.




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