Welding technology for hydrogenation reactor end socket connecting pipe



The invention discloses a welding technology for a hydrogenation reactor end socket connecting pipe. The technology includes the steps of groove welding dry magnetic powder detecting, preheating, assembling and spot welding, outer groove union melt welding, outer groove welding and after-heating. The preheating temperature is larger than or equal to 200 DEG C, the interlayer temperature for outer groove welding is 200-250 DEG C, the after-heating temperature is 200-300 DEG C, the after-heating time is 2 h, the welding current is 500-550 A, the welding voltage is 28-30 V, and the welding speed is 360-400 mm/min. Equipment cost is low, the production efficiency is high, operation is simple and convenient, and the welding precision is high.




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