Passive positioning method of label



The invention discloses a passive positioning method of a label, relates to the technical field of electronic information, and aims to solve the problems of complex system and risen building and maintenance cost caused by the fact that time synchronization between anchor nodes or between the label and the anchor nodes is generally required in the existing passive positioning method of the label. The method comprises the following steps: deploying a plurality of anchor nodes of fixed coordinates and a fixed position label of a fixed coordinate in a region; emitting positioning broadcast packets by the anchor nodes; receiving the positioning broadcast packet emitted by each anchor node by the fixed position label and mobile labels to obtain a transmission anchor node identifier, and calculating the time of arrival of the positioning broadcast packet; transmitting the obtained anchor node identifier and the accurate time of arrival corresponding to the positioning broadcast packet to each mobile label by the fixed position label; generating an equation set with the mobile label coordinate value as a variable by each mobile label according to the information and further calculating the coordinate value of the mobile label. When the method is used for realizing passive positioning of the label, the time synchronization between the anchor nodes or between the labels and the anchor nodes is not required, so that the complexity of the system is reduced, and the system building and maintenance cost is reduced.




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