Faucet used for energy-saving building



The invention discloses a faucet used for an energy-saving building. The faucet comprises a faucet body and a faucet switch used for controlling the faucet body. The water inlet of the faucet body is connected with a water source through a connector. A faucet nozzle is arranged at the water outlet of the faucet body. A universal extending pipeline is installed on the faucet nozzle and comprises a connection pipe installed on the faucet nozzle. The connection pipe is connected with an extending pipeline through a universal joint. A plug is arranged at the water outlet of the extending pipe. An atomization spraying opening is formed in the plug. An LED lamp is arranged on the pipe wall of the extending pipe and is electrically connected with a power supply through a wire. The wire controls the LED lamp to be turned on and turned off through the faucet switch. The faucet is simple in structure, reasonable in design, capable of washing any position of a water pool, reducing external light sources which are used and saving water and electricity, high in practicability and capable of being used in a pushed mode.




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