Capacitive stylus pen



The present invention relates to a capacitive stylus pen. The present invention provides a capacitive stylus pen which includes a light-weight, small-size battery or capacitor as a power supply and which allows a tablet to obtain information on an indicated position, a writing pressure, and so forth, accurately and reliably. The capacitive stylus pen inputs an indicated position to a tablet by capacitive coupling. The capacitive stylus pen includes a signal generating circuit that generates a signal having the same frequency as a frequency of a signal to be transmitted from an electrode; a transformer that boosts the generated signal and that includes a primary winding and a secondary winding that are wound around a magnetic body; an analog switch for controlling connection between one end of the secondary winding of the transformer and the electrode to an on-state or an off-state; a power extracting circuit configured to extract power to be supplied to the analog switch from an electromotive force induced in the secondary winding; and a capacitor coupled to another end of the secondary winding and configured to set another end to a fixed potential in an alternating-current manner.




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