Biopsy clamp for biological impedance measurement



The invention belongs to the field of medical apparatuses and in particular relates to a biopsy clamp for biological impedance measurement. The biopsy clamp comprises a first clamp body, a second clamp body, a first electrode holder and a second electrode holder; the first clamp body and the second clamp body are arranged integrally; the first electrode holder is detachably connected with the first clamp body; the second electrode holder is detachably connected with the second clamp body; a signal interface is arranged on the first clamp body. As a result, the biopsy clamp is capable of positioning an object to be measured and enabling electrodes to directly contact with the object to be measured, and therefore, measurement can be performed while positioning is realized and the operation is convenient, and especially the small tissue of the object to be measured can be tested favorably; in addition, the electrode holders are detachably connected with the clamp bodies of the biopsy clamp, so that the electrode holders can be stored when not used and then the service life of the electrodes can be prolonged.




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