Spring grinding clamp



The invention relates to the field of spring grinding processing equipment, and in particular relates to a spring grinding clamp. The spring grinding clamp comprises two clamping bodies connected through a hinge, wherein the clamping bodies comprise shells and clamping rubber mounted in the shells; handles are mounted on the shells; telescopic rods are also arranged at one end parts of the clamping bodies, and are positioned in a clamping cavity formed by closing the two clamping bodies; and sliding chutes are formed in the walls of the rubber, and are hinged to limiting blocks. According to the spring grinding clamp, the limiting blocks achieve a supporting effect on a spiral ring of a spring; the telescopic rods achieve a supporting effect on the end part of the spring, so that the spring is fastened in the clamp; and therefore, the problems of displacement and sliding of the spring during grinding are effectively solved, and the grinding precision of the spring is guaranteed.




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